While there are several wholesome, entertaining TV show from the 80s, many of which I’ve shared on this website, Fame from 1982 is one of the standout TV series from the 80s that you can share with you kids.

In the 90s, the entertainment industry was largely deregulated, allowing for networks to beginning owning the TV shows that they showed.

In my opinion this has not been a good thing, allowing the big corporate networks to basically call the shots, effectively stifling creativity. It’s too bad, really!

Thankfully, though, we can still watch these great family TV shows, like Cheers, Family Ties, Growing Pains and, of course, Fame.

Fame is a wonderful show to share with your kids. It’s inspirational and hopeful. Please enjoy these episodes of this hit 80s TV drama courtesy of Hulu.Com.

Here is the first episode:

The New York City High School for the Performing Arts was their dream.

They wanted to dance, to sing, to play music, and to act… but above all they want to live their lives while they are still young and full of energy.