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Square Pegs was a short lived, but much loved sitcom from the 80’s.

This is another one of the great television shows of the 80’s you can share with your kids, without worrying about the shows rating or content. It’s very kid friendly.

Patty Greene, the geeky brainiac from Square Pegs fame, now married to Matthew Broderick, and now 43.

You’ll find several of you favorite stars appeared on this show in their early days, such as Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Murray.

It’s a hoot to try and find the faces of these stars in their younger days.

Square Pegs 1982-1983
Two misfit teenage girls try to find their place in a typical suburban high school.

Square Pegs Promotional Video clip 1982

Welcome to Weemawee High School, where being in the right clique can make one’s years in school memorable. Enter Patty Greene and Lauren Hutchinson, two freshman who tried hard to be accepted into these cliques. The only problem was they stood out like sore thumbs. Patty was brainy and wore glasses, and Lauren was overweight and had braces. Thankfully, two other “square pegs” accepted them. They came in the form of aspiring comedian Marshall Blechtman and New Wave rocker Johnny Ulasewicz (aka Johnny Slash). Still, Lauren and Patty wanted to be in with the cool kids who came in the form of Jennifer DeNuccio, a wanna-be Valley Girl; LaDonna Fredericks, the hippest black girl in Weemawee High; Jennifer’s boyfriend Vinnie Pasetta, a John Travolta carbon copy; and Muffy Tepperman, a Jewish princess who joined anything from JV pep squad to science fair organizer. Written by Pat McCurry <>


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