Reality television had not hit the seen in the 80s.

Therefore, almost every show on television was a sitcom variety.

The 80s boasts some amazingly entertaining family sitcoms including those listed below.

The Cosby Show  The Cosby Show

Bill Cosby led 80s TV shows into an entirely different level with the emergence of The Cosby Show in 1984.

The view of the show as a normal family life representation appealed to many television watchers.

The adorable family, paired with amazing comedy by Cosby and other cast members will be remembered for years to come!


MacGyver McGiver

Those who loved a good adventure show could tell you the only person on television that could ever disable a bomb with a shoe string and a piece of bubblegum.

MacGyver started in 1985 and continued into the early 90s.

It was an exciting way for watchers to see action, without the gore and danger.

Today’s television action shows are much darker, while MacGyver was family-friendly all the way!


Punky Brewster Punky Brewster

Although the show only lasted two years, Punky Brewster was among the most popular shows of the 80s.

Re-runs still appear on television today and the character of Punky Brewster is still widely recognized.

The show appealed mostly to younger girls and teens, making Punky not only an entertaining character but also a fashionista of the 80s.


Growing Pains

Growing Pains

One of the most beloved television families of the 80s was the Seaver family.

With a multitude of children, the parents showed viewers each week how to deal with regular family issues in a positive way.

Kirk Cameron was a teen heart throb of the 80s and much due to this hit success show!