Back in the 1980s there were a great many really good situation comedies and other types of television shows to choose from.

Many of these wonderful television shows created mega child stars and several of these shows are true television classics. Take “Cheers”, for example. Cheers is hard to beat for classic TV in any decade.

There were many other entertaining sitcoms and drams on the tube in the 1980s, like Family Ties and Growing Pains.

Relive the 80s TV shows you knew and loved. Here are some of the top-rated episodes of your favorite 80s TV shows. There are hundreds more full episodes of these and many more classic TV shows at Hulu.Com.

Pick and choose which episode(s) you want to watch.

Enjoy these classic 80s sitcoms and dramas. The 80s decade was a time when the networks and writers had to actually write great shows, in large part, because there was no reality TV, which takes up so much airtime nowadays.

Who’s the Boss?
Season 1 : Episode 1 |25:05 |
A female executive hires a male housekeeper.

Change (Pilot)
Season 1 : Episode 1 |25:05 |
Benson is searched by guards, soaked by sprinklers, attacked by vicious dogs, mistaken for the Rev. Jesse Jackson and has his life threatened by a tough German housekeeper when …

Silver Spoons
Season 1 : Episode 1 |22:06 |
The Wealthy Edward Stratton III has a big surprise — the 12-year old son, Ricky, he’s never known.

Season 1 : Episode 1 |20:34 |
Gordon Shumway, last known survivor from the planet Melmac, crash-lands his spaceship into the Tanner family’s suburban garage. Willie dubs him “ALF”, short for Alien Life Form.

The Poker Game
Married…With Children 1987
Season 1 : Episode 8 |23:20 |
Steve sits in on a Friday night poker game with Al and loses his paycheck.

Blue Chip Murder
Hart to Hart
Season 2 : Episode 20 |49:10 |
Million of dollars in bonds, hidden by their home’s previous owner, makes the Harts the target of a greedy stockbroker.

Details at Eleven (Pilot)
Simon & Simon
Season 1 : Episode 1 |48:37 |
In the pilot episode, the Simons are hired to find the stepdaughter of a popular newscaster who has mob connections.

Mexican Slayride: Part 1
The A-Team
Season 1 : Episode 1 |45:04 |
Part 1 of 2. In this pilot episode, the A-Team takes on an assignment to locate a journalist who has been captured by bandits in a remote Mexican village.

The Protectors (Pilot)
T.J. Hooker
Season 1 : Episode 1 |1:14:00 |
With a crime-wave sweeping the city, a new police program has been formed to fast-track recruits to get them patrolling on the streets, and it’s up to tough veteran cop Sergeant…

Hill Street Blues
Season 1 : Episode 1 |1:36:43 |
Captain Frank Furillo of the Hill Street police station has his hands full handling his ex-wife, an explosive hostage standoff, and a shooting involving two of his best cops.

St. Elsewhere
Season 1 : Episode 1 |49:17 |
Chaos abounds at St. Eligius as Dr. Cavanaro searches for a mental patient lost amid hospital bureaucracy, and Dr. Morrison fights to prevent a risky operation on a young girl w…

Season 1 : Episode 1 |48:20 |
New to The Big Apple, Julie has a rude awakening when students react unkindly to her small-town, mid-western attitudes. Discouraged and lonely, Julie finds both strength and, ul…

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