If you ask a Generation X adult what they remember about the 80s, chances are they will spit out a handful of cartoons from that time.

Cartoons were a huge hit in the 80s, with their following continuing on today.

Cartoons of that time were more specifically targeted by gender, separating boys’ choices from girls’ choices.

Boys 80s Cartoons

Popular 80s Cartoon - Transformers

Boys of the 80s loved their Saturday morning cartoons. Transformers, GI Joe and He-Man were among the most popular. Cartoons in the 80s were less violent and widely accepted as positive forms of entertainment for children.

Today, the products inspired by these 80s cartoons are still being sold and modified. There are new movies coming to the big screen featuring remakes of these 80s story lines and characters.


Girls 80s Cartoons

Rainbow Bright, Jem and Care Bears were three of the most popular cartoons of the 80s. Care Bears Cartoon

While some can still be caught on television randomly, they are most often only captured on video.

These fun cartoons yielded a great deal of merchandise throughout the 80s.

Today, stores are beginning to sell their merchandise again! New Care Bears are seen on the shelves at every toy stores, beside Cabbage Patch Kids.

Channels such as Boomerang are allowing today’s generations to view and fall in love with 80s cartoons, much like the children of that time did.

Parents are excited to watch their old favorites with their toddlers and teens are finding a fascination with them as well. Overall, the cartoons of the 80s made such an impact, they are still wildly popular today.