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The US Festival Summer 1983 – A Day to Remember

As graduation approached in the spring of 1983, I began to plan, well hope is more like it, that I could attend the US Festival in Southern California. This was four days of live music and entertainment from all those

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The Five Most Memorable 80s Hairstyles

The fashion and trends of the 80s were bold and memorable! The 80’s were an interesting time and the styles and trends were outrageous to say the least. Here are the trends from the 1980’s that should just stay on

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80s Costumes For Your Next Party

Are you going to a costume party? If so, why not rock a fun 80s costume? The trick to having a blast at a costume party is to choose a great costume that is not only entertaining, but also comfortable.

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Life and Business Lessons From Bon Jovi

Today, I boldly step forward and publicly proclaim that I love Bon Jovi. I admit a touch of embarrassment that my junior high obsession never quite resolved. My embarrassment usually causes me to hide this fact except with close friends.

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