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867-5309 Jenny Don’t Lose My Number – Circa 1983

Another classic 1980’s Music video courtesy of Youtube, Steve Garelli and, of course, Tommy Tutone. 867-5309 Jenny Don’t Lose My Number – Circa 1983 I remember playing Galaga and Pacman at the local arcade, listening this song. Oh, the good times… [phpbay keywords=”Tommy Tutone, Galaga, Pacman” num=”100″ siteid=”1″ category=”45100″ sortorder=”BestMatch” templatename=”default” itemsperpage=”6″ paging=”true” exclude=””]

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Make your own 80s Costumes

Making your own 80s costume is easy. By simply reviewing some 80s movies, videos or television shows and making a few notes, you can assemble an impressive 80s costume. There are many ideas for 80s costumes and 80s theme parties to choose from. Creating a killer 80s costume for Halloween is a snap for adults, […]

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Michael Jackson was a Thriller

I remember it like it was yesterday. My jaw hit the floor as Michael slid across the stage that night in 1982, with his skinny tie, sequined jacket, high-water slacks, and white-gloved left hand. Was the Motown 25th Anniversary the beginning of the end for Michael? Little did we know then what was to come […]

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80s New Wave Music

In the early 1980s thousands of UK bands hoped to make it like Duran Duran. The second British invasion helped to power the new wave music explosion in the U.S. as many bands and artists were picked up by MTV and recording companies. The list of eighties bands from the UK includes many thousands of […]

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