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I Only Want to be With You – What Happened to The Bay City Rollers

OK, I am a big fan of pretty much everything about the 80’s. Tonight I decided to check out “That 80’s Show” on Hulu.Com. I was watching the pilot and they made a reference to “The Bay City Rollers”. I

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The Lasting Legacy of Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was arguably the second most famous female pop star in the 1980s. Her untimely death at 48 hears old is, while unfortunate, was probably not a big surprise to many. Houston set the standard for pop-soul singers in

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Michael Jackson Dies at 50

Singer Michael Jackson, 50, died in Los Angeles today, various news sources reported. Jackson, a child Motown sensation who grew into a moon walking megastar, sold millions of records, earning worldwide adoration in the 1980s. Later he came to be

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The Top Ten Things U2 Has Learned Over The Years

On Wednesday March 4th U2, as part of U2 Week, presented the Top Ten List – The Top Ten Things U2 Has Learned Over The Years With a new album and a long career, the band remains one of the

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The US Festival Summer 1983 – A Day to Remember

As graduation approached in the spring of 1983, I began to plan, well hope is more like it, that I could attend the US Festival in Southern California. This was four days of live music and entertainment from all those

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Remembering LiveAid 1985

Do you remember LiveAid 1985? From Band-Aid – Do They Know it’s Christmas to We are the World, it was a year that stood the 80’s on it’s head. The 1980’s was all about money, fashion and fame! but, Live-Aid

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80s TV Shows – Watch Full Episodes of your Favorites

Back in the 1980s there were a great many really good situation comedies and other types of television shows to choose from. Many of these wonderful television shows created mega child stars and several of these shows are true television

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80s Movies – Top 25 Box Office Stars of 1981

1981 was another banner year at the movies. Many favorite stars from the past were making movies and many great new actors were appearing on the scene. Some of the little known actors of 1981, such as Denzel Washington, have

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