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(Last listing reached $42100, neared the reserve barier and hit the highest ever price on an ebay De Lorean)
This is a 1981 DeLorean Motor Cars, model DMC-12 vehicle. 

Further introductions needless for this iconic car that creates excitement not just to the owner, driver and passenger, but to the viewers on the streets go crazy like NO OTHER vehicle! Just pop those doors open and hear “wow cool!!!’s” all around.  
FIRST WATCH THIS DETAILED VIDEO accompanied with some 80’s tunes.
Further down you can read the detailed description of what you are bidding on:
Same video for countries (eg. Germany) with music blocking:
On to the description: 
This DMC-12 underwent the most detailed restoration of the recent years with compliments accounted for from world wide owners in forums in the U.S., the UK and Germany. 

Vin 5992, short for SCEDT26T3BD005992 and it is the FINAL Back to the Future spec (Grooved hood,  gray interior, manual and Door straps around the handles) This Delorean vin 5992 is a milestone to the production as it was the last to have its straps wrapped around the door handle in the production line as seen on the back to the future movie car. Vin 5993 had the strap bolted within the doors arm rest. 

VIN 5992 was also featured on our national Car&Driver magazine of August 2015 issue. Couple of copies will be handed along. 
 purchased from DMC Florida with a clear title in 2013. It was in a still stand for over 23 years with its last owner’s drive in Michigan in February 1991. Hence the low original mileage of 17.000 recorded miles.Since then it’s has been completely restored, frame to engine, to transmission, to interior, to paint jobs to electrics with many improvements and upgrades. 
The upgrades include: 
– DMCH stainless fuel tank cover
– DPI stainless gear shifter,
– DMOCO stainless gear shifter base 
– stainless fascia brackets
– stainless accelerator cover
– Stainless lower engine restraint upgrade
custom NO CAT stainless double barrel exhaust
– stainless lower firewall heat shield
– stainless braided fuel lines
– Hervey’s stainless fuel sender unit (low fuel light not included)
– DOC stainless braided clutch line
– stainless braided brake lines
– DPI silicone coolant piping hosing front or back
– plus POSI quiet break pads
– DMCH DeLorean EV STYLE original MOMO steering wheel
– full all LED Lamp replacement
– LED flasher relay
– Front and rear fascia repainted in original tone of gray
– DeLorean Europe full relay upgrade package
– HALO (angel eyes) headlights (may not be allowed in your country)
– HID low and high beam upgrade,
– FULLY OPERATIONAL Air Conditioning system upgrade to 134a
– Door locking system replaced with new actuators with VIPER remote
– DPI front sway bar poly bushings
– DPI radius arms poly bushings
– DPI radius arms reinforced tabs
– extra interior insulation mat installed
– lower amp higher output turbo fans installed
– K&N air filter
– most body bolts and screws replaced with stainless steel ones
– Illuminated door sills
– Valeo performance clutch
– stainless mats lettering
– Injection system has been upgraded to the leaner and less troubled Volvo K-jet system without emission control systems. (It is actually the very same the DeLorean had installed of the assembly line, but a couple minimal changes applied which do not interfere with the originality of the model or its year. Hence no catalytic converter and more horsepower.)
– Small bonus. Front spoiler was purchased from the removed “Will I Am’s” De Lorean mod by West coast customs.  
New OEM parts
-Clutch slave cylinder
– clutch master cylinder
– brake cylinder
– fuel filter
– fuel accumulator
– oil filter
– oil pressure sender
– ORIGINAL leather seat covers,
– All  VEHICLE’S bearings, bushings and seals replaced. (original DMCH seals have failed on me before and I have upgraded a few already with better performance parts, On this not I give a 6 MONTH gasket and seal parts replacement warranty counting from the day you receive the DeLorean) 
A couple dozen invoices at hand from DMC vendors in the USA. 
Restored components: 
– Frame (sand blasted, replaced minimal rusted panels and epoxy painted to original color)
– Engine (complete overhaul and valve heads refurbishment.) 
– Transmission overhauling (picking up its factory faults such as the second gear pin, the gear sync cones and clutch)
– Drive axles.
– Steering rack.
– Break calipers 
– Wheels (sand blasted and powder coated)
– All drive arms and housings (sand blasted and powder coated)
– Interior (head liners refurbished, new seat covers and custom leather covered the binnacle and the canopy)
– Heater & a/c (components refurbished, Cleaned housing, evaporator etc.)
– Stock Craig radio and speakers refurbished to an amazing sound.
– Stainless body panels have been lightly regained. (The classic antenna hole has been welded shut. There are two minor issues which are easily picked up by an expert. Unfortunately no such person was available in my area so I avoided to have that done.)
I have a letter of the initial owner and dealer, Maroon Pontiac. Also a certificate of the DELOREAN MUSEUM with it’s first sale in 1981. 
Vehicle seems to have had 2 previous owners. A leasing company and the owner in Michigan who then sold it to DMC Florida.
 The vehicle should be available for shipping by October 10th when it has been thoroughly tested. 
I have the original US Certificate of title and the Greek title of a classic car registration issued by the national classic car club ELPA aproved by the FIVA organization.  
Vehicle has paid all EU Import taxes and VAT charges.
Do not hesitate to contact me. I speak English and German fluently.
Further photos available on request. 
FINAL PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING WITHIN EUROPE (major city or car transport hub of each country. You will have to arrange your local transport on your own cost, or drive it home your self.) Also for US bidders: Shipping should cost about $800 in a container to Fort Lauderdale in Florida. I guess to any west coast port an additional $300-500. But get a quote from a local shipping company. It would be shipped out from Piraeus port in Greece, Europe.
“Back to the future” TIME MACHINE CONVERSION POSSIBLE UPON REQUEST WITH EXTRA FEE!  (may take 6-8 months to complete)
 See Delorean owner forums in the US and the UK by searching VIN 5992 to see the complete restoration process! 

 photo IMG_3104_zpssvbenjgg.jpg

 photo IMG_3107_zpssjc82u73.jpg

At an exibiton

 photo 14D504B9-42DD-4039-9622-F8E0F1599471_zps3svdb4mf.jpg

 photo BD6632AC-55E6-4D29-8F4E-BCBABD9F940C_zpsiuhdnahg.jpg

 photo 59723BE7-F6D7-4020-943D-860D060D92DF_zpshi4iad9e.jpg

Air condition Upgarde compressor
 photo B97D850C-3904-487E-9459-844D184DE2F9_zpsn7mcoosv.jpg

Stainless lower engine restraint upgrade and LED interior lighting (courtesy and binnacle lights)
 photo 4A089B9B-2D7E-4225-BC2E-D55ABB28D4FF_zpsjkht6jur.jpg

 photo 0139921B-62B3-4391-9E88-F98EB7F3A37A_zps3lwcowmo.jpg

 photo 49211AB5-CB2C-4C64-8647-98E7D02B5D9D_zpsgqt03c6n.jpg

HALO LED headlights with HID bulbs and LED turn signals

 photo 5F054049-86B4-44FD-9BBE-318D212AEC52_zpsmfah9vlm.jpg

 photo F9F80AFB-64E5-4BF7-9153-3D6E449FC85E_zpsgecxndxx.jpg

 photo 31011A59-5FB6-4F6B-99E6-CAB097F8F794_zpshlbmxfys.jpg

All LED taillights

 photo 20141223_163302_zps23zq0efz.jpg


 photo process_zpsabo3pgyo.jpg

 photo windscreen_zpskixp8u4u.jpg

 photo engine-top_zpsojewcfnt.jpg

 photo engine1_zpswqdfhiim.jpg

 photo engine2_zpso1cznl1s.jpg

 photo undercarriage_zpshiyo5ohn.jpg

 photo rear-brakes_zpswcvn506l.jpg

 photo drive_zpsia46ltva.jpg

 photo front-wheel_zpsujovwa5a.jpg

 photo fans_zpsy4uyasl6.jpg

 photo kjet_zpsm4klchjm.jpg

 photo drivers_zpsqmp8emks.jpg

Straight out, two separate custom stainless exhausts on Renault Alpine manifolds

 photo 20141219_130238_zpsokpo2xr0.jpg

August 2015, Car&Driver Issue shots 

 photo IMG_3138_zpsfzdi0hca.jpg

 photo IMG_3139_zpsh9eiyhhn.jpg

 photo IMG_3140_zps4dg4stfd.jpg

 photo IMG_3141_zpsea58nsfe.jpg

 photo IMG_3142_zpstsupuyba.jpg

 photo IMG_3143_zpsjaturxj2.jpg

 photo IMG_3145_zpsbxspc5tm.jpg

 photo IMG_3146_zpswdxvghrd.jpg

 photo IMG_3147_zpsnx64kmql.jpg

 photo IMG_3144_zpsttpod3lh.jpg

I won’t keep it small at all. I’ll be as blunt as possible and I will enjoy an ongoing communication with the new owner in the future, I do want to be as FRANK as possible.
DeLoreans are TERRIBLE cars and NOT AT ALL a sportscar in terms of handling and acceleration. It is what it is!
And although I did my best in improving and upgrading several features and parts gone bad on this car, it does not mean it is a 100% worry free vehicle. Mine is just a few serious steps ahead from what you would need to look for at a good condition DeLorean.
The Delorean frame rusts INSIDE OUT! It has many hidden compartments that may look clean on photos but the terror is behind the curtain. In my restoration I removed all those panels as seen on my forums threads and cleaned it inside out which means there are more repaired parts to be seen than on it, than the stock version. I can not hand out a warranty or guarantee for it, as it happens with all DeLoreans sold around the world. Knowing however the weakness of the Original DeLorean USA spare parts in seals and gaskets, you may encounter an oil leak in the future which I am willing to pay for in parts to have it repaired for the next 6 months. I have already picked up 8 of those so I am guessing and hoping the remaining 4 will be fine. Should they not, I got your back!!!! Also The door seals (weather stripping) are prone to get torn on the forward corners. For that reason I will supply an spare replacement in the car along with a remainder parts I have. Those need often lubing with silicone spray lube.
ALSO.. NOTHING is as nice as it seems on photos!!! I have not retouched any of those (except for the magazine shots), but the real thing is always somewhat different! I suggest get a charter flight out here (for less than 100 euros) to check it out before you buy a multi dozen thousand dollar car…. Risk is ALL yours after that! I have done my best to describe and depict it. Video dies its best to show all details like the minimal nail tip dents on stainless.
Again, this is a 34 year old restored car of poor initial build. Most things are fixed but Delorean’s are full of surprises. (see forums around the world). It’s NOT A PORSCHE. If you want a classic sports car with great handling GET A PORSCHE!
This is a very awesomely, unique, friggin cool looking gullwing door DeLorean that will rock your world on the road and the ones around you…. as well as funny lines!*(&&*(%#$#$%@#
Payment as listed. 2000USD as down payment at PayPal within 48 hours of auction ending. Remaining amount, either cash on pickup or bank account wire transfer at a verified German bank institution.