Back To The Future Delorean Time Machine Conversion to your Delorean – BTTF


Back To The Future Delorean Time Machine Conversion to your Delorean – BTTF

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Delorean Time Machine Conversion by Bob’s Prop Shop

Dallas, Texas

My team and I convert Delorean cars into replicas of the Time Machinefrom Back To The Future.
What you are bidding on is this service performed to YOUR Delorean.
You ship your Delorean car to our shop in Dallas and we turn it into aTime Machine!

We have built 22 of these replicas so far.

* ALL photos and videos are samples of the 22 cars we have built *
We work closely with Universal Studios and their restoration team.
We are endorsed by both Kevin Pike, the builder of the screen used TimeMachine and
Bob Gale, writer and co-producer of the film.

Our work has been recognized internationally.
We have appeared on many television shows, magazines and websites.


You will ship YOUR Delorean car to our shop in Dallas, Texas.
If you don’t have a Delorean we are experts in this car and can help find one for you.
Deloreans come in automatic or manual transmission with either gray or black leather interiors.
Once we have your car in our shop and your payment we will begin converting it into a “Time Machine”.
The process usually takes from 3-6 weeks depending on the options you want.
When the car is finished it is then shipped back to you or you can come pick it up and drive it home
and to any “time” you like!

All additions are PERMANENT. Holes will be drilled in your car!
The Exterior features the aluminum rear vents with all the hoses and parts that should be there.
The side pontoons are decorated with all the capacitors, grids, pipes and things similar to our photos.
The flux bands that surround the car are mounted on rubber brackets and thick wire bundles are added
along the sides of the car and mounted to the “flux boxes” which are mounted to the fenders, roof and rear.
The rear window is removed and replaces with a sealed aluminum rear bulkhead.
The rear will feature the infamous “Mr. Fusion”, (Plutonium Chamber available for an extra fee)
The interior will feature all the famous electronics seen in our photos and videos including the 
Flux Capacitor, Plutonium Gauges, Spectrum Analyzer, Time Drive Switch, Digital Speedometer and much more.
Thick wire bundles are added along with many other high voltage parts on the dash, etc.
*Fog Machine is optional as is extra battery/charging system.
Please contact us with any questions that you may have.

Here are some videos to show you some of the cars we have done in thepast.

(if you are viewing on a mobile device and the videos are no visible, please go to YouTube and search for “Videobob Delorean” and you will find many videos!)

Which Time Machine do you want?
Plutonium or Fusion powered?

Check out a teaser of our upcoming TV Show!
It also features our appearance on History Channel’s PAWN STARS and Discover Channel’s AUCTION KINGS.
Please remember, these are entertainment shows that are partially scripted or edited for comedy effect.
On Pawn Stars, the car was made to look as though it didn’t run although the car works perfectly and is driven daily.
On Auction Kings, Kevin Pike, builder of the original film used cars, makes an appearance on the show to talk about the construction.
Again, this is an entertainment show. The car actually had a hidden reserve that was much higher than the final bid on the show.
The car was sold to a private collector.

This was our 13th build featuring the “Plutonium Chamber” and some cool remote controlled features!

So how does all this stuff work?
Here is a detailed demonstration of the internal electronics, Fog Machine and other features.
We built this car for NBA Super Star, Tony Parker of San Antonio Spurs!

So what’s it like to buy and recieve your Time Machine?
Here is an interview with owner of build number 11 as he recieved it athis home!

Here is a final word from the Mayor of Hill Valley, Mayor Goldie Wilson!

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