As graduation approached in the spring of 1983, I began to plan, well hope is more like it, that I could attend the US Festival in Southern California.

This was four days of live music and entertainment from all those acts we saw on MTV (back when they used to play music videos).

There were very few artists who did not play at US Festival Summer 1983.

From Van Halen to the Scorpions, to The Clash and Missing Persons, there were more than 100 bands and musicians at The US Festival.

Well, I did not get to go, and would love to hear some stories for anyone who did.

Is this available on DVD? If it is I would sure buy it for my collection.

Here are a few highlights from 1983’s US Festival in San Bernadino, California.

Quiet Riot – “Metal Health” (Bang Your Head) Live at the US Festival, 1983

Judas Priest (US Festival 1983) Riding on the Wind

Scorpions US Festival 1983

Maybe there will be a resurgence of the kind of music festivals of the past, like LiveAid and The US Festival. One can only hope!

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