The fashion and trends of the 80s were bold and memorable! The 80’s were an interesting time and the styles and trends were outrageous to say the least.

Here are the trends from the 1980’s that should just stay on the shelf dated, the 1980’s.

With interesting colors, patterns and hairstyles being sported, it’s no wonder people just can’t forget the 80s era.

While some trends are coming back into fashion, 80s hairstyles has yet to make it’s reappearance.

Feathered Hair Was Hot  Feathered Hair

Thanks to the beautiful Heather Locklear feathered hair was a raging trend in the 80s.

This wind swept style pulled the hair back from the face, in a feathering layer.

While it was most popular in the 80s, it started back in the 70s.

Jheri Curls All Around

Michael Jackson fans likely remember the notorious Jheri Curl of the 80s. Curls All Around

This African American hairstyle was incredibly popular. It was actually a product used to relax African American hair. Using this chemical product, hair maintained a constant wet-curly look.

The hair style was so hot it was known to catch on fire if anywhere near a spark or flame. In fact, it is rumored Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire during a commercial he was shooting, thanks to a loose spark!

Punk Hair Made Parents Cringe

With the punk and hair bands of the 80s came punk hair styles. Punk Hair

Boys grew their hair out to new lengths while girls often doused their do with colors like hot pink.

Mohawks were incredibly popular from the punk crowd, while the hair band crowd opted for hair-sprayed rats nests.

From crimped hair to teased ponytails, the punk style of 80s hair is likely the most remembered today.