80s Fashion Cindi Lauper Costume ImageJust as the 1970’s will be recalled for punk’s anti-fashion statements, so the 1980’s will be remembered as much for the artists return to dressing up as much as the music they made.

Duran Duran, Adam Ant, Spandau Ballet, Soft Cell, Simple Minds, The Human League, Thompson Twins and Depeche Mode were just a few of the bands to spring from the new romantics and 80s fashion movement.

Arguably, David Bowie was the biggest influence on this new 80s fashion movement.

Bowie’s 80s hit “Fashion” became something of an anthem.

The London Clubs gave the likes of doorman Steve Strange and cloakroom attendant Boy George their first leg up on the 80s fashion and music movement.

Instead of guitars, these new bands preferred synthesizers and drum machines.

The new synthesizers were now less expensive and inspired many artists, such as Gary Newman’s late 1970s British hits.

Britain’s youth was favoring the new instrument over the previously dominant six-string guitars.

In America, Talking Head’s David Byrne attempted to merge new wave and black music, doubling the size of the quartet with an influx of funk musicians.

New Order sprang from the ruins of Joy division after Ian Curtis’ suicide and had a significant influence with their dance oriented song “Blue Monday” which was available then only in extended 12-inch, rather than 7-inch single LP form.

This track proved to be on of the most influential of the era.