“Weird Al” Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic Mandatory FunAlfred Yankovic from Lynnwood, California took great advantage of video rotations on MTV during the 1980’s to find commercial success. What will he do in the 21st century? More online promotion and engagement with fans, funny videos on You Tube and more.

1984 – Best Comedy Recording

Al has released a new album recently and I would enjoy seeing him on television. A possible guest on the late night shows or morning news shows, for example.

If you are not all that familiar with “Weird Al” Yankovic, here are some song titles:

  • My Bologna
  • Beat It
  • Another One Rides the Bus
  • Like a Surgeon

The titles alone make me laugh. But the strength of the songs lies in the humor in the videos. “Weird Al” Yankovic just wrapped up videos for the songs on the new album.

Here are some videos for songs from the latest album, Mandatory Fun –

“Weird Al” Yankovic performs a track from his album “Mandatory Fun.”


“Weird Al” Yankovic’s TACKY


“Weird Al” Yankovic is Rock music’s curly haired, cutting edge comedian. His recipe for success, Polka, parody and a dash of cholesterol!

From Seattle’s Grunge to the King of Pop to the Material Girl, Al leaves no rock star un-turned.

It’s time to climb inside the warped mind of America’s celebrated nerd who for over 30 years has ruled supreme as the king of Pop parody.


“Weird Al” Yankovic, the story behind the music.


“Weird Al” Yankovic – Word Crimes

Surprising! “The first live gig was opening for Missing Persons. A pretty hostile crowd!”

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