This show was set in Hawaii so CBS television studios could re-use lots of the sets from its other hit show, Hawaii Five-O which in fact had just finished its on-air run in 1980.

A number of earlier episodes reference the imaginary Five-squad, setting this series within the exact same “world” as Hawaii Five-O.

As a result of crossovers with other programs, the series is also found to take place in the very same world as Murder, She Wrote and Simon and Simon, among others.

“Magnum P.I.” was obviously a fantastic show and each episode is better than nearly every other Television series in history at least in that genre of show.

The main reason Magnum P.I. was so very good was due to the interesting depth of the characters, the storyline development and also the depth of the show on the whole.

ABC was intending to terminate the Magnum P.I. TV Program at the conclusion of the 7th season. There were a huge number of complaints from fans and ABC made a decision to renew the show for an additional season.

The “series finale” episode had been recently filmed, nevertheless, with Thomas Magnum being murdered by gangsters! Tom Selleck -  Magnum P.I.

Once the subsequent season rolled around, Thomas was portrayed as being a ghost for a couple of episodes. Then it was revealed that his “death” had been a dream.

Magnum PI is a multi-layered masterwork which has a strong following.

The show was revolutionary in many ways, with Magnum and many of his close friends being veterans of the Vietnam conflict and a number of episodes didn’t back away from showing Vietnam flashbacks or other harsher situations.

Even youngsters aren’t safe from bullets and in many cases Magnum has instances of darkness and behaves questionably.

However, all is soon right with a lot more laughs and smiles of pleasure and ladies in sexy bikinis. Several shows make an effort to juggle themes and fall short, but this classic TV show from the 1980s hits on all cylinders, at all times.

Magnum, P.I. is regarded by many as a fantastic blend of action, humor and drama.

The show moved past the basic plot lines of the characters solving the crime of the week and confronted the difficulty Vietnam era soldiers confronted in making the readjustment to civilian living.

The fact is ‘Magnum’ is considered to be one of the primary shows to often examine the effect of the Vietnam Conflict on the American social psyche.

Airing on CBS from 1980 to 1988, Magnum P.I. looked initially to generally be just one more Action Series show, with all the old Hawaii Five O production facilities in Hawaii, having a good looking lead actor accomplished in comedy schtick as well as the normal pals helping him solve his case-of-the-week.

However it quickly revealed its far more dramatic plotthreads by alternating the comically-toned episodes with all those focusing on the Vietnam War background of Thomas Magnum and his buddies.

The final scene from the Season 3 two-part premiere “Did You See the Sunrise” was the real key moment that highlighted Magnum’s more dark aspect.

It continued to be one of the most surprising and controversial scenes from the series’ entire run.

The series also becomes stronger with each and every successive season. The poor orchestral theme song from season one has been replaced with the more recognizable, rock-driven theme.

Running gags (such as the lads chasing after Magnum) are employed moderately.

What’s even better, you will find a lot fewer occasions where Magnum acknowledges the home viewers by giving the camera knowing looks, an approach that simply doesn’t mesh together with the show’s over-all tone.

The series picked up a diverse cross-section of supporters, as a result of it’s wide-ranging overall appeal and wide range of stories.

It ranged from broad, occasionally almost slap-stick humor and farce, to deeply thoughtful drama, to edge-of-the-seat action, and far beyond.

“Magnum PI was obviously a great show and each episode is superior to almost every other Television series in history at the very least in that type of show.

The main reason Magnum P.I. was so very good was due to the depth of the character types, the story plot development and also the interesting depth of the show on the whole.