The 80s was a decade when the impact of dance culture on music and vice versa led to some exciting results in 80s music styles as it started with the impact of “Thriller” and closed with “Happy Mondays”.

In the 80s, punk music had subsided to become the less-threatening New-Wave movement, which along with the new romantics like Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet, dominated the early days of the decade.

Like in the 1960s, many 80s music producers emerged with their own unique sound, such as Trevor Horn, whose work with Frankie Goes to Hollywood was especially influential.

The synthesizer became the decade’s most prevalent sound, with many groups replacing guitars with synths. 80s music

One particularly notable exceptions was U2, which started the 1980s decade supporting Talking Heads and ended the decade a supergroup.

A new evolution of Heavy Metal swept the UK eve3n before the rise of the “hair-bands” from the US.

The metal explosion finally reached critical mass with the emergence of the many heavy metal hair-bands coming out of Los Angeles, California.

New 80s music opened to new markets with the fall of the Berlin wall and both live music and the new compact disc medium took popular music to far away places including China.