The 80s was a great time for some of the most memorable television shows in history.

While TV shows today come and go very quickly, it seemed 80s TV shows hung around for years and years.

Thus, some of the most popular are still remembered and often even still replayed today.


In a time where the characters needed to capture the viewers in a big way, MacGyver fit the bill.

This amazing character could get himself out of even the most dangerous situations using common items like a paper clip and piece of gum.

Amazingly entertaining and full of the excitement 80s TV show viewers required, this show was a huge hit and is still referenced today.


The Cosby ShowThe Cosby Show

Almost everyone who grew up watching 80s TV shows loved The Cosby Show.

This show ran for years and years, never growing stale.

As ideal family programming it attacked commonly family and parenting issues, in a fun and comical manner.


Miami ViceMiami Vice

Another exciting show in the 80s, Miami Vice not only got rave reviews for its content and humor but also for the fashion the characters brought to the era.

Many people still think of the white suit jacket Don Johnson famously sported in the show when they think of 80s fashion.


Family Ties tv show

Family Ties

Another of the popular family 80s TV shows.

Family Ties had an award winning cast and fit the perfect viewing slot for families with children.

This show pushed several of its stars to super stardom and is remembered mostly for its charm and charisma.