1. Burt Reynolds

“Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”

“Best Friends”

2. Clint Eastwood


“Honky Tonk Man”

3. Sylvester Stallone

“Rocky III”

“First Blood”Stallone Rocky III Image

4. Dudley Moore

5. Richard Pryor

“The Toy”

“Live on the Sunset Strip”

6. Dolly Parton

7. Jane Fonda

8. Richard GereFord BladeRunner Poster Image

“An Officer and a Gentleman”

9. Paul Newman

“The Verdict”

10. Harrison Ford

“Blade Runner”

11. Goldie Hawn

“Best Friends”

12. Katherine Hepburn

13. Alan Alda

14. Sally FieldSophies Choise Meryl Streep 1982 Image

“Kiss Me Goodbye”

15. Cheech and Chong

“Things are Tough All Over”

16. Meryl Streep

“Sophie’s Choice”

“Still of the Night” with the late Roy ScheiderDustin Hoffman Tootsie Movie Image

17. Robert Redford

18. Christopher Reeve

19. Dustin Hoffman


20. Timothy Hutton

21. Roger Moore

22. Chuck Norris

“Silent Rage”

23. Bo Derek

24. Brooke Shields

25. Al Pacino

“Author! Author!”

This list was tabulated by Quigley Publications in 1983. It is by no means the order I would place these actors in. These fine actors and many others not listed here helped to make 1982 a very good year for 1980s movies.

Promising New Actors of 1982 –

Kevin BaconKevin Bacon Pic

Kate Capshaw

Glenn Close

Eddie Murphy

Gilda Radner

Best Picture of 1982 – Gandhi

Best Actor – Ben Kingsley in Gandhi

Best Actress – Meryl Streep in Sophie’s ChoiceFast Times at Ridgemont High Hey Bud Lets Party Image

1982 Sometimes Forgotten –


“The Road Warrior”

“Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn”

“Das Boot (The Boat)”

Trail of the Pink Panther”
“The Dark Crystal”

1982 Actors Honorable Mention

Eddie Murphy for “48 Hours”

Sean Penn for “Fast Times at Ridgmont High”

“Hey Bud! Let’s Party!”