How about this? Rocky IV in it’s entirety. This movie from 1985 will inspire you and it will move you to greatness. If you let.

It’s an 80s movie that is unforgettable. One of 1985’s Best Movies.

Stallone’s new menace in the ring is a 261-pound Russian fighting machine (Dolph Lundgren), and now, Rocky must defend his title and America’s honor.

There were many lighter movies in 1985, including the first in The Back to the Future Trilogy, Romancing the Stone, Splash and Footloose. Maybe that is one of the reasons this Rocky is often considered the best, and last real Rocky Movie.

The cold war symbolism from those years, the music and the 80s clothes, all make this a good example of a great 80s movie.

Thanks Hulu for another excellent movie from the 80s.

Rocky IV