Private School – Starring Phoebe Cates is about a young high school couple experiencing the first pangs of love and acting accordingly.

Enjoy this enticing mixture of comedy, romance, and the erotic!

Phoebe Cates was the star of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Sean Penn, who? She stole she show.

A little Stray Cut Strut from The Stray Cats. Porky’s meets Police Academy. This movie has a very limited target demographic-high school students in the early 80’s, which I was.

Lots of gratuitous nudity and trite humor, which isn’t all bad if you’re looking for something to numb your brain for a little by drawing blood away from your head and into your pants.

Phoebe Cates is definitely cute but personally I think Betsy Russell is hot, although I’m pretty sure it was the other way around when I was in high school.

Similar to the movie Porky’s, it does not share the same notoriety as Porky’s.

The is an excellent representation of a crude 80’s movie. This is definitely not Sixteen Candles or Pretty in Pink.

No John Hughes, teen loses himself, then finds himself again formula here.