How about that? Eddie Murphy in the most popular stand-up comedy film ever! This beats Robin Williams and Richard Pryor for total 80s cool.

Eddie’s planning to quit acting and get back into stand-up comedy.

He’s been a top box draw for thirty years. Eddie Murphy’s made some timeless films.

80s movies like the Beverly Hills Cop series and Trading places are eighties classics.

Let’s hope Eddie’s serious about doing stand-up again and doesn’t fade away like Jerry Seinfeld and many others.

Enjoy Eddie Murphy Raw, Courtesy, once again of Hulu.Com!

Eddie Murphy Raw
Feature Film |(cc) |1:30:25 |R |
Uncensored. Uncut. Irresistible. Raw, the record-setting No. 1 concert film of all time, is Eddie Murphy doing what he does best: making people laugh. Filmed live at New York’s …

Check out Eddie’s 80s references. Still hilarious 20 years later.