Cheech and Chongs Next Movie. There’s some on this romp from 1980. Also, a of characters.

Cheech must deal with losing his job, his angry neighbor, and trying to score with sexy Donna.

Along the way they meet everyone from to really .

Meanwhile, Chong meets Cheech’s cousin Red and the two have a wild time in Hollywood with a big bag of buds and a cool Ferrari.

The Mexican American Song –

The Cast , Tommy Chong, Evelyn Guerrero, Edie McClurg, and Paul Reubens.

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Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie is a classic stoner comedy that delivers good laughs. This is a must see film for Cheech & Chong fans. The film is a good comedy for what it is. The film is the perfect film to watch with friends and is mindless fun from start to finish. I enjoyed the film for what it was, and I think it’s one of the duo’s better films. If you love this type of humor, then check this film out. This film manages to bring on good laughs, but it’s also a very silly/stupid type of humor…

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