It was during the 1980s that movies changed for the better. There are too many memorable 80s movies to list in one place, but here are just a few of our favorites.

With the introduction of new special effect possibilities and a fresh look on acting and direction, many movies were full of excitement.

Director Steven Spielberg was one of the most successful directors during the 80s and really set the tone for many other movie makers in the industry.


E.T.  E.T

One of Spielberg’s most popular hits of all time was the 1982 released movie, E.T. Of all of the 80s movies, this one brought audiences a new range of special effects and a new love of the possibility of extra terrestrial life.

Not to mention, it made stars like Drew Barrymore into superstars!


The Terminator Terminator

Another popular director during the 80s movies period was James Cameron who first introduced the world to the characters of The Terminator in 1984.

The movie was full of action never seen before and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was pushed into Hollywood’s brightest lights.



A Christmas Story A Christmas Story 80s movie

During the month of December, when families pull out all of the holiday classic movies, few 80s movies make the cut.

However, A Christmas Story is one 80s movie that will never go down forgotten.

This hilarious movie is still making people laugh after all of these years, with unforgettable characters and hilariously memorable story lines.



Back To The Future Back to the Future

Director Robert Zemeckis brought a thrilling adventure to audiences when he unleashed the Back to the Future movies during the 80s.

With a tremendous following, this line of movies still gets incredible exposure for those interested in not only time travel but special effects and 80s cinema.