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The Future is Coming in October

The future is coming in October 2015. Back to Marty McFly’s future, that is. So, what did they get right in 1985? And, what did they get wrong? #Back to the Future Day is October 21, 2015. How will you celebrate the future? What about a “Back to the Future” party? A movie marathon? Here […]

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80s Movies Remain Popular with All Ages

It was during the 1980s that movies changed for the better. There are too many memorable 80s movies to list in one place, but here are just a few of our favorites. With the introduction of new special effect possibilities and a fresh look on acting and direction, many movies were full of excitement. Director […]

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National Lampoons Vacation 26 Years Old

National Lampoons Vacation from the Summer of 1983 – One of the best movies of the 80s. The Griswolds have planned all year for a great summer vacation. From their suburban Chicago home, across America, to the wonders of the Wally World fun park in Southern California, every step of the way has been carefully […]

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Cheech and Chongs Next Movie – 1980

Cheech and Chongs Next Movie. There’s some #good gags on this romp from 1980. Also, a #great cast of characters. Cheech must deal with losing his job, his angry neighbor, and trying to score with sexy Donna. Along the way they meet everyone from #Pee Wee Herman to really #cool aliens. Meanwhile, Chong meets Cheech’s […]

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Rocky IV is a 1985 Classic worth watching

How about this? Rocky IV in it’s entirety. This movie from 1985 will inspire you and it will move you to greatness. If you let. It’s an 80s movie that is unforgettable. One of 1985’s Best Movies. Stallone’s new menace in the ring is a 261-pound Russian fighting machine (Dolph Lundgren), and now, Rocky must […]

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Private School from 1983 is 80s Retro Cool

Private School – Starring Phoebe Cates is about a young high school couple experiencing the first pangs of love and acting accordingly. Enjoy this enticing mixture of comedy, romance, and the erotic! Phoebe Cates was the star of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Sean Penn, who? She stole she show. A little Stray Cut Strut […]

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