General types of 80’s clothing

Here is short list of some of the top 80’s clothing styles:

  1. Cross color clothes
  2. Afro-Centric clothes
  3. Neon and fluorescent clothing
  4. Miami Vice fashion
  5. (early) Madonna Fashion (i.e. Madonna wannabes)
  6. Patent leather
  7. Stonewashed denim80s girl costume pink
  8. Checkerboard clothing (flannel shirts and pants, etc.)
  9. Esprit clothes
  10. New Kids on the block clothing
  11. Ocean Pacific clothes
  12. Bright colored clothing
  13. Town & Country clothing
  14. Vision Street Wear
  15. Pastel colors
  16. Punk fashion
  17. RUN DMC Adiddas suits
  18. Tie-dye/hippie fashion
  19. Wearing too much jewelry
  20. Flashdance fashion

Many different items of clothing and accessories can be combined to create a truly unique 1980’s look only limited by one’s imagination.

You can get more ideas and inspiration for ’80s attire by watching classic movies from the eighties.