Eighties Photos

Enjoy these great selection of 80s photos, and go back to your memories. Eighties celebrities have certainly changed over the years. Many of our favorite 80’s stars are still around, on TV and in the movies.

Here are photos of celebrities and people from the 80’s then and now.

Olivia Newton John 80s Image

Olivia-Newton John


Madonna Eighties Phots

Madonna Eighties Fashion


Madonna 80s Like a Virgin Fashion

Madonna”Like a Virgin” 80s Fashion Statement


New Kids Image

New Kids on the Block (note Mark Wahlberg bottom left)


Adam Ant Image

Adam Ant – “A Bold 80s Fashion Statement”


Tom Cruise Top Gun Image

Tom Cruise


Back to the Future Photo

Michael J. Fox – Back to the Future – “The Best 80s Movie!”


Molly is Pretty in Pink Photo

Molly Ringwald was “Pretty in Pink”


Molly - Sisteen Candles Image

Molly Eighties Style from “Sixteen Candles”. One of John Hughes’ best “coming of age” films.


Ferris Bueller Image

Matthew Broderick from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”


Duran 80s Glam Image

Duran Duran showing of 80s Glam Style


Flashdance Image

Jennifer Beals from “Flashdance” showing off the 80s aerobics style pioneered by Olivia Newton-John in the “Let’s Get Physical” years.

You’ll find tons of great pictures of things and people and history of the 1980’s across the web. Especially interesting are photos of collectible items from the 80’s. enjoy.