The first commercial cell phone call took place this week in 1983.

The call was placed on a Motorola prototype cell phone, now referred to as “the brick”.

The phone cost over $4000.00 and weighed in 48 ounces.

That first call went something like this:

(according to Amy and Seth from SNL Weekend Update October 23, 2008)


Honey,guess what? I’m calling from the car on this new portable cell phone that I just bought!

That sounds neat. Oh, I got your parachute pants back from the dry cleaners.

Did they get the “Bartles and James” stain out?

Yes. Hey, only eight months until the “Ghostbusters” movie!

Total Pac-Man Fever.

What? Can’t hear you.

Sorry, I’m cranking Quarterflash on the radio.

Oh my God, they’re the best and they will always be the best. By the way, how much did that phone cost?



Honey, I can’t hear you, you’re cutting out.

Cutting out? What does cutting out mean?

The First Commercial Cell Phone

The First Commercial Cell Phone

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