Why would anyone want to murder John Lennon? I don’t have an answer for that. It is tragic that we lost such an artist and human being as John Lennon.

The last day in John Lennon’s short, prolific life was like a death in the family for more than Lennon’s wife and son, Julian.

John Lennon’s murder was, is, and always will be a great loss. When John Lennon was assassinated on Dec 8, 1980, many people, old enough to remember, would recall today exactly where they were, who they were with and what they were doing when they heard John Lennon was killed.

It is interesting to speculate, as a music lover, how much wonderful music Lennon would still be making today.Lennon Picture

I listened to the Beatles as early as 1972. I remember spinning “hand me down” vinyl LP’s on my plastic phonograph.

I was blessed with copies of The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” and the 1966 masterpiece, “Rubber Soul”. They were well played and scratched, but they sounded awesome.

Paul McCartney was going strong in the 1980s, recording hit singles with Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, as well as recording several solo hit singles.

I’m sure he missed his songwriting partner and childhood friend. And still does.

The world is a better place because these two met.

If the 1980s was not the best decade ever for music, it might have been had John Lennon been allowed to continue doing what he loved and not been taken from us so young, with so much life and great music ahead of him.