Patrick Swayze from the movie Ghost

I just heard the news about the death of Patrick Swayze today, September 14th, 2009. It’s very sad news indeed.

My impressions of Mr. Swayze are of a man who was always a fighter, fighting the deadly cancer that finally claimed his life.

I have heard that he was always very gracious and friendly with he fans.

Patrick Swayze is recognized as an accomplished actor, dancer and singer. His talents will be truly missed.

We are blessed with some absolutely awesome movies, though. Two of my favorites are Red Dawn and The Outsiders.

Our sympathies are with Mr. Swayze’s family and friends.

Please take some time, sit down and watch one of his movies. Maybe Point Break or Dirty Dancing.

And, please do not waste your money on garbage like The National Enquirer, The Star, The Globe or any of those other rags that can’t leave our 80s Icons alone!