I just wanted to take a moment with our readers to share our support for Patrick Swayze and his family.

We would love to see one of our favorite 80s stars, Mr. Swayze get on with his acting career and to beat the dreaded cancer that has so abruptly intruded upon the life of a quiet and generous hollywood star.

Patrick Swayze was on M.A.S.H. very early in his career, which many did not know. Watch for this episode in the reruns and check the credits if you don’t believe me.

Patrick SwayzeMany will remember 1990’s “Ghost” with Demi Moore when thinking of Mr. Swayze, however I enjoyed “Red Dawn” co-starring Lea Thompson the most of all his roles.

But, “Dirty Dancing” is really deserving of a place in the top ten movies of the 1980′.

The doctor is optimistic about Mr. Swayze’s chances at a full recovery, according to news reports.

Our hopes for a speedy recovery!