Michael Jackson costumes will be hot this Halloween. And I think that’s great! It’s totally acceptable to dress up as Michael. That’s a fine tribute to his memory.

This is especially true if you consider “Thriller”. Isn’t this the ultimate Halloween song?

It’s been 3 months since The King of Pop’s untimely death and in another month “This Is It! The Movie” will be released in theaters across the country at the end of October.

I am saddened by all the sensational news coverage of Michael and his family over the last three months and glad it has started to die down.

Throughout history great men, and women have been vilified and attacked by the media, by those who did not understand. Many great people have been misunderstood!

So just remember you media people, you radio talk show hosts, you rag “entertainment magazine” publishers, you “so-called” reporters, TMZ, the Enquirer and others, these our our beloved icons. We are a powerful force! You attach them, you attack us.

So, save your sensational journalism for the reality TV stars and leave Kirstie Alley alone. Leave Michael Jackson alone. Leave Elizabeth Taylor alone. Leave Madonna alone. Leave the late Patrick Swayze alone. Leave Michael J. Fox alone.

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, writing about Self-Reliance way back in the 18th century, “To be great, is to be misunderstood.”

It’s time for Michael’s fans to really step up and pay him and his legacy the attention he deserves.michael-jackson

I have been too busy to pay much attention lately and did not even watch the MTV Video Music Awards. However, I did have the opportunity today to read the text of Madonna’s speech at the recent awards show. What a great story she tells. Imagine Michael Jackson and Madonna just kicking back and watching a movie together on the couch like tow buddies on a Friday night.

Now I have always been a huge Madonna fan. I’d say more for the performer, the artist, and the person that she seems to be, than for her music. But, I have to say that she Rocks! What a class act!

I just love how she mentions that her young sons are huge Michael Jackson fans. Very Cool! For such a huge star, she’s not afraid for a moment to share her feelings and she seems to have a true grasp of what we all may feel in our hearts.

I will write more about Madonna in the near future, as I have only briefly touched on her early beginnings in my earlier posts In 100 years will anybody remember you? Even 25 years from, will anybody remember your name?

Michael Jackson was a rose. Madonna is a rose. And, like they say, roses have thorns. Nobody’s perfect. They are the best, but it never seemed to bring out their worst.

We are the World!

And the Video of Madonna’s tribute to MJ –

Madonna, you are the Best! Thanks!