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Michael Jackson and Madonna – Two Beloved 80s Stars

Michael Jackson costumes will be hot this Halloween. And I think that’s great! It’s totally acceptable to dress up as Michael. That’s a fine tribute to his memory. This is especially true if you consider “Thriller”. Isn’t this the ultimate Halloween song? It’s been 3 months since The King of Pop’s untimely death and in […]

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Classic 80s Movies – Watch ‘Em Here!

The 80s gave us multitudes of great movies, comedies, dramas and more, that 80s fans can watch over and over. It’s often a special treat for parent’s to share their favorite 80s movies with their kids. Titles like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Ghostbusters are perennial favorites. For your enjoyment and entertainment, here are a […]

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Michael Jackson was a Thriller

I remember it like it was yesterday. My jaw hit the floor as Michael slid across the stage that night in 1982, with his skinny tie, sequined jacket, high-water slacks, and white-gloved left hand. Was the Motown 25th Anniversary the beginning of the end for Michael? Little did we know then what was to come […]

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Madonna – Top 1980s Fashion Icon

She’s the pop singer seen jogging in Central Park. Madonna captured the style and fashion sense of generation. Especially teenage girls in the 1980s. Madonna is among the most influential people of the 1980s. Madonna has always had a special relationship with the media. While many stars try desperately to avoid the paparazzi, Madonna has […]

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