Bea Arthur Golden GirlsBea Arthur, star of one of our favorite 80s sitcoms, The Golden Girls, died earlier today.

Estelle Getty passed away last year. Both were loved stars of the 80s comedy, The Golden Girls.

We will miss them both very much, but thankfully both women left us a wonderful show to watch over and over again.

Sorry, but we could not find any full episodes of The Golden Girls, Maude, or even All in the Family.

That just goes to what classic 80s TV shows they are. Betty white has gone on to star in numerous TV specials and sitcoms well into the 21st century.

The Golden Girls, which ran on NBC from 1985 until 1992, centers around four women all near or above the age of 50. Created by Susan Harris (Soap, Empty Nest), the series was an immediate hit in it’s Saturday night time slot.

The show mainly involved four women. The stories involve dating and solving various problems. The story of the week sometimes included issues such as harassment, homosexuality, impotence, AIDS, death, and adultery.


Here is a clip from The Golden Girls Reunion Special courtesy of YouTube.Com.

Meet the Golden Girls in Lifetime’s Golden Girls Special (June 2003).

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