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Madonna Interview Announcement

Jimmy Fallon announced Monday night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that he will be doing an exclusive interview with Madonna on Facebook talking about her new album coming out March 26th called MDNA and more with the 80s music icon. The Madonna interview will take place at this Saturday Night March 24th at 6:00PM […]

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Michael Jackson and Madonna – Two Beloved 80s Stars

Michael Jackson costumes will be hot this Halloween. And I think that’s great! It’s totally acceptable to dress up as Michael. That’s a fine tribute to his memory. This is especially true if you consider “Thriller”. Isn’t this the ultimate Halloween song? It’s been 3 months since The King of Pop’s untimely death and in […]

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The Legacy of Michael Jackson, The King of Pop

Michael Jackson died yesterday afternoon and the reality of this unexpected event is still sinking in around the world. I watched the Jackson 5 on the Mike Douglas show in the 1970’s. I watched, glued to the screen, Michael bloom into the King of Pop on the Motown 25th Anniversary special in 1982 and, like […]

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The Golden Girls Star, Bea Arthur Lost Her Battle with Cancer Early Today

Bea Arthur, star of one of our favorite 80s sitcoms, The Golden Girls, died earlier today. Estelle Getty passed away last year. Both were loved stars of the 80s comedy, The Golden Girls. We will miss them both very much, but thankfully both women left us a wonderful show to watch over and over again. […]

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80’s Pop Culture is Represented Awesomely on Family Guy

Thank You Seth McFarland! In 21st Century Speak, Peter Griffin lingo This is Frickin’ Sweet! Just about every episode of Family Guy makes fun of the 1980’s. 80’s Pop Culture is shown in many of Peter’s flashbacks. This one is not only no exception, but from the Bryan Adams Rip-Off, and the Men Without Hats […]

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