80s Physical Picture 80’s fashion history is memorable and quite distinctive. 1980s fashion favored applied decoration on suits and T-shirts and bead work on clothing which all pandered to the ideals of a time of conspicuous consumption.

The 1980’s was an unforgettable era in fashion and style much of which is actually still in style to this day.

Clothing is style, a sign of success, and an identity marker of whom you are; where you belong; and whom you classify yourself with. In the Eighties more than any other decade people were concerned with status, power and glamor. 1980s Fashion history shows that as fashion for female identity in the workplace took hold, so shoulder width grew.

Eighties fashion for the fashionable was all about extremes: shock had its value, and the idea that everyday women were wearing shoulder pads and big brass buttons to claim their share of the glass ceiling workplace was laughable.

The history of fashion is full of creative styles, a combination of practicality and innovation. They say that nothing truly goes out of style, and that eventually it all comes back around. In fashion terms, the 1980s is the decade that refuses to die.

The Eighties brought a whole new genre of clothing, music, movies, and other things that are now still around. The Eighties was a particularly rich era for young British fashion.

The eighties fashion is coming back. Madonna’s singing career has lasted as long as the eighties fashion she was so much a part of. Put some glamor into your eighties look. If you’re looking to do something totally glamorous, then Madonna is your model.

Spandex, the stalwart of Eighties fashion, also threatens a return to bring welcome relief from the excesses of recent seasons. Other 80’s styles included workout gear, because the 80’s as the time when aerobics really hit the big time.

Fashion trends like leg warmers, head bands, plastic jewelry, bleached hair and more defined the decade as much, if not more than the politics of Reagan and Thatcher.

In a decade when greed was good and excess became the norm, the fashions were largely defined by the entertainment such as television shows like Dynasty, Dallas, and Designing Women.

The 80’s trend is taking aspects of 80’s fashion and integrating it into a more modern style. Fashion is all about personal expression. And while most 80s fashion was cool, but the puffy sleeves and parachute pants need to remain in the eighties.

The 80’s trend is taking aspects of 80’s fashion and integrating it into a more modern style. And with style anyone can incorporate the 80’s fashions into their wardrobe. For more 80’s fashion ideas, select a movie or television show that debuted in the eighties for inspiration.