Bright lipstick, bright eyeshadow, big jewelry and big hair were all the rage in the mid 80’s.

Short hair behind the ears with height on top (poofy) were definitely the thing. Big gaudy earrings and as many bracelets as you could fit on your wrist.

The early 80’s involved bright neon colors such as pink and green on your clothing color, your hair pieces, shoes and jewelry. The brighter the better.

The invention of hair gel brought a shift away from the hairspray 60s hairstyles the parent’s of the 80s kids wore.

While in the 70s it seem the straighter and less styled look prevailed. No hairspray, no gel, and no big hair.

But, in the 80s for men it was cool to wear gel to spike up the hair or to get that 50s look that was popular in movies like “Back to the Future” and “Peggy Sue Got Married”.

More movies made the 50s hairstyles popular in the 80s such as “La Bamba” and “The Buddy Holly Story”.

The eighties hair for girls was big. Big in the front for women. An overall big hairstyle like on designing women or spike up bangs. Quite a bit of gel and a hairdryer for a good 80s hairstyle for women.

Colored hair was very normal. Dale Bozio of the band “Missing Persons” had pink hair in 1982 and Cindi Lauper had all kinds of different colored hair from pink to purple.

Short hair for girls, cut above the ears and short in the back with a little poof of top, but slick on the sides was really cool in the early 80’s (Pat Benatar, Sheena E), but as the 80’s progressed hair became bigger and bigger and blonder and blonder.

A bottle of peroxide was the cheapest way to bleach your hair. The accessories remained large throughout the decade.

The 80’s had preppy boys wearing penny loafers and oxford shirts all the way to boys wearing lipgloss and eyeliner, jewelry, skin tightpants and of course very big and long hair. As the late 80’s rolled around boys began cutting their hair above the ears (mullet). (See Pretty in Pink movie).

Madonna Borderline Image

The Madonna look (Borderline).