The 80s makes a great theme for any party. You can throw an 80s theme Halloween party, of course, but an 80s party can be fun anytime of the year. Try an 80s holiday costume party today.

Being invited to a costume party, often with just a few weeks to prepare, it can be overwhelming choosing a great costume for yourself and a guest.

Here’s a few of my top picks for awesome 80s party costume ideas. There are many more. These are very inexpensive costumes and can be made form many easy to purchase items or things you may already have around the house.

Please feel free to comment and add a few more unique ideas of your own.

Michael Jackson
A rhinestone glove, penny loafers, white socks, black pants that come to just above your ankle, you might want to get a black curly wig, a fedora (thats the hat he wears), and a lot of attitude! Penny loafers, high water black jeans, crew cut socks, red jacket with several zippers on the sides, curled up hair.

Madonna 80s Material Girl Maddona Costume
White tank top with lots of colorful Mardi Gras necklaces, colorful tutu(ripped), high wrinkled socks with red pantyhose and red high heels.

Black lace gloves, lots of bangles on each arm, big hoop earrings, a black headband and hair clipped back and teased, preferably blond), black tank top and an of the shoulder black sweater. Black leggings, or a black short skirt. Black ankle boots. Black eye liner, and lots of mascara.

Wear large hiking boots, with two different colors of socks.Wear a bright colored,frilly skirt, with leggings under(the ones that go a little past your knees).Then wear a black sports-bra type shirt, with a mesh cut-off shirt over. Flip most of your hair to one side and leave it down or put it up in a high side ponytail.Wear lots of jelly bracelets and bangles.

Cyndi Lauper
Cyndi Lauper often wears a strapless top and a poofy, vintage skirt (with a petticoat if you can get one). Lots of bracelets. Lots of bright colored make-up. The hair is very important, bright orange or red (you can buy spray on hair color at any beauty store) tease it up and let it fall over to one side.

Red and yellow’s a good combo to try (red hair, yellow bangs and a few streaks here and there). Big earrings, cheesy bangle bracelets. Eye makeup… like the hair, pretty much everything goes. A couple of vibrant colors, up to and even past the eyebrows… Brush it out towards the temple. Red or pink lipstick, or even gloss is a good thing to pair it with.

Bruce Springsteen
The Boss from the 80’s! blue jeans you would work in, white t-shirt, black boots, red baseball cap in your back pocket, bandanna around your head and you’re set to go! you can even wear a collared shirt with the sleeves cut off instead of a white t-shirt, and you can add a jean jacket. its all still the boss!

Flock of Seagulls
You’ll need a red shirt, black pants, silver belt and a synthesizer (or mini piano to carry around for ease). And, of course, the outfit would not be complete without the swept up on the sides hair-do, culminating to a point in the front. Instant Flock of Seagulls, and your friends will run so far away!

The Ramones
A good costume for four friends. Two friends wear black cereal bowl type hair-dos/wigs (Johnny and Dee Dee) and two wear curly black wigs ( Tommy and Joey). Pair with leather jackets, tight jeans with holes in the knees, converse sneakers and tight Ramones t-shirts. Can also add studded belts, pins etc.

Marty McFly
Tight jeans, high top sneakers, poofy winter jacket/vest. White sneakers, blue jeans (preferably tight-rolled), white button up short sleeve shirt with a red t-shirt underneath, black suspenders, denim jacket with a bright orange down vest over it, mirrored aviator sunglasses.

Doc Brown Doc Brown Costume
White Einstein wig, white radiation suit, briefcase with radiation sticker to keep Plutonium in. Works best with the Marty McFly costume.

Al Bundy
First, you’ll want to have a pair of brown polyester pants with a belt, a white short sleeve work shirt with a front pocket. Sew an AL patch on the front if you have time. Next get a playboy magazine and keep folded up and tucked in back pocket and a remote control tucked in front pocket.

Peggy Bundy
Big red wig, tight off-the shoulders-shirt (preferably leopard or floral). Tight black stretch pants that stop at the calf. High heeled pumps. Lots of red lipstick.Fake eyelashes and blue eyeshadow. Constantly hold a cigarette in one hand and a box of Bon-Bons in the other.

Max Headroom
First you’ll need to find a gray suit. Then paint your face as “plastic” looking a possible with a light brown base. Comb your hair back and spray it until it is solid. Take a plain metal picture frame and carry it with you in front of your face… as if you are in a TV! Talk in a steady voice and occasionally throw in a word that sounds like it is getting stuck like a broken record!

80s Prom or Homecoming Queen 80s Prom
A big poofy bright color dress (ex:pink) with a huge bow on the butt.Then take your hair and put it in a frizzy side ponytail(if you can’t get it to frizz then brush upwards)or leave your down and frizz it. Then get a tiara,and your ready to go!!!

Very bright, big poofy prom dress (poofy skirt, poofy sleeves, big bow on the butt, in bright purple, hot pink, green, etc.), big 80s hair, big gaudy jewelry (huge, brightly colored earrings a must), some matching pumps or even better, some short boots with heels, and no prom queen costume would be complete without the tiara, sash, and corsage. Oh, and lots of bright blue or green makeup and mascara.

80s Chick
We had 80’s day at my high school and this is what I wore: I had a huge red sweater that came to about my knees, cut the top part so it’d hang off one shoulder, had a blue tank top underneath showing.

Had some colorful flowery type pants with two pairs of socks:one hot pink, the other hot yellow-green (think tennis ball color) then I crimped my hair and put it in a high side pony tail with a bright colorful hair scrunchie. Try blue eyeshadow, and hot pink lipstick with lots of bangles on both arms. Wore black and white converse shoes.

Wear a tight black mini skirt, white satin lace tank top, red leather jacket with huge shoulder pads, with red pumps for accessories were lots of white, red, and silver bangles with big doit earrings and lots of beaded necklaces.

Do hair big and crimp it! Good will is a great place to find some of these items. Go to the second-hand store. Buy some tapered acid wash (really light colored) Bugle Boy jeans. Add an Ocean Pacific neon windbreaker, some hightops, and a couple wristbands. Spike up your hair and don’t forget to accessories with a chain on the outside of your shirt and a walk-man.

Going over the top and being a little extreme is the key to achieving the 80s look, regardless of the specific costume you choose. So don’t skimp or be weighed down or held back by your 90s and 00s sensibilities – go for it.

The 80s look is about color, volume, and abundance. Add the extra layer of blush or blue eyeliner, go for another spray with the Aqua Net, and pile on another couple of bracelets.