flashdance_l1While a typical 80s movie, Flashdance stands out for it’s total 80s vibe.

The year was 1983 and MTV and the movies were breaking new style boundaries.

There is a scene in among all the dancing and drama, in which Jennifer’s character and her best friend are dancing their way through the city life after work.

High as critics heap their scorn (Roger Ebert, who included the MTV-slick Cinderella flick on his all-time Most Hated list, was not alone in his loathing), they are no match for good old Hollywood magic.

Starring Jennifer Beals, then 18 and a freshman at Yale, as an exotic dancer with a dream.

Beals’ character holds a day job as a welder in a Pittsburgh steel mill. Many of the dance routines were performed by a professional dancer.

It’s mid afternoon and as they walk down a long back street, there’s a lone break dancer with his piece of cardboard there in the middle of the deserted street shreddin’ it up.flashdance-comp

As the girls linger there a while several other dancer’s show up and join the street dance.

It’s really a cool 80s moment in the film, reminding me of cruising along Pacific Coast Highway through Laguna, California one afternoon in the mid 1980’s.

As we creeped along the busy highway at a crawl, the ocean, beach and a multitude of break dancers clad in typical 80s fashion spun and flipped along with the breaking waves.