80s makeup and hairstyles might not be perfect workplace attire in the 21st century.

Madonna of the early 80s is a good model. she wore plenty of makeup, including white foundation and black eyeliner.

For the average 80s girl, lots of makeup and bright hair colors were a perfect part of the 80s fashion.

For women’s eighties fashions, hair should be big and fluffy, but controlled. And high heels are the finishing touch to this killer 80s fashion statement.

Bright lipstick, bright eyeshadow, big jewelry and big hair were all the rage in the mid 80’s. Short hair behind the ears with height on top (poofy) were definitely the thing.

Big gaudy earrings and as many bracelets as you could fit on your wrist. The Madonna look as in (Borderline).80s Fashion Image

The early 80’s involved bright neon colors such as pink and green on your clothing color, your hair pieces, shoes and jewelry. The brighter the better.

Short hair for girls, cut above the ears and short in the back with a little poof of top, but slick on the sides was really cool in the early 80’s (Pat Benatar, Sheena E), but as the 80’s progressed hair became bigger and bigger and blonder blonder.

A bottle of peroxide was the cheapest way to bleach your hair. The accessories remained large throughout the decade.

The 80’s had preppy boys wearing penny loafers and oxford shirts all the way to boys wearing lip-gloss and eyeliner, jewelry, skin-tight pants and of course very big and long hair. (See Pretty in Pink movie).

As the late 80’s rolled around boys began cutting their hair above the ears (mullet).