The 80’s were an interesting time and the styles and trends were outrageous to say the least. Here are the trends from the 1980’s that should just stay on the shelf dated, the 1980’s.

Old trends and styles of dressing have a way of recycling themselves. Get ahead of the game, and learn how to dress in popular styles from the ’80s.

The 80’s style is easy to identify, from head to toe. The hair was big. Permed, teased, fluffed, and hair-sprayed, tresses in this decade suffered a lot of abuse. Spiky bangs and side ponytails were popular and blond was the color to be. Makeup featured a lot of bold colors.

Light pink lips, blue eyeshadow, and a touch of glitter was a fashionable look. Outfits featured off-shoulder shirts, side-tie tops, mini skirts, acid wash jeans, and lots and lots of neon.

Colors were painfully bright and neons could be mixed and matched to the heart’s delight. You could dress up your feet with high-top shoes, jellies, or Keds and scrunch socks. Popular accessories featured slap bracelets and colorful, plastic Swatch watches.

  • Neon eighties fashion such as neon green, neon pink and neon yellow.
  • Miami Vice fashion like the Blazers, slacks, and hat.
  • Madonna fashion consists mostly of the wearing the underwear on the outside of the clothes.
  • Preppy looks were Polo or Izod shirts with upturned collars, stonewashed denim or Calvin Klein Jeans, and some penny loafers or Nike Cross-trainers like Mike J Fox in Back to the Future.
  • A down vest would be an 80s fashion statement, as well.
  • Ocean Pacific clothes for the California surfer style.
  • Punk or New-Wave Fashion.
  • Hip-Hop Adidas Jogging Suits with High tops.
  • FlashDance fashion – Leg Warmers and a headband.
  • Or, would that be getting physical with Olivia Newton-John?

It was all a part of 80s fashion — the shoes, the clothes, the accessories, and the hair. The side ponytail was a fast fix that kept your style current (trendy) and marked you as an 80s fashion pro.The 80’s style is easy to identify, from head to toe. The hair was big.