The 80s fashions are fondly remembered for the bigger than life clothing styles. The current 80s fashion trend involves taking aspects of 80’s clothing styles and integrating it into a more modern style.

The style of clothes women wore in the 80s depended largely on the type of music they listened to, whether it was glam rock, pop, or new wave, Madonna, etc..

In a decade when greed was good and excess became the norm, the fashions were largely defined by the entertainment such as television shows like Dynasty, Dallas, and Designing Women.

Neon colors, bold stripes, and decorative embellishments were often seen on many of the dresses that were worn in the 80s. Halter style gowns vied with ruffled dresses at proms, parties, and weddings.

Some of the 80s prom dresses had ruffles at the neck, shoulders, waist and hem. In the early 1980s, prom dresses worn by young ladies were very appealing and fashionable.



Women wore short hair and layers of clothing. Both sexes were looking for an identity.

Dresses and suits for men and women, respectively, were usually broad shouldered with wide lapels, along with jackets sporting the double-breasted look for men.

The era also saw the flapper look being popular and wherever one went women dressed in flappy shalwars, floral embroidery and embellishments with lots of shiny gold jewelery were a common sight.

Some of the other 80s fashion trends included the sweater over the shoulders, Izod shirts, and polo shirts. Some other 80s clothes that were big were the Members only jacket which was a must have.

The 80s fashion clothing was, like today, inspired a lot by people in popular culture.

The 80s fashion jewelry trend is back, big time. The 80s fashion silhouette was top-heavy. T-shirts, blouses, sweaters, and sweatshirts had to be, like, three sizes too big so they would hang loose and low.

Leg warmers were around well before the 80s came to be, but they had traditionally been used for function, not fashion. Professional dancers wore leg warmers to keep their lower extremities warm. Leggings that go to the ankle have a greater positive visual aesthetic than capri style that chop the leg.