80's Fashion ImageThe 1980’s was one of the most remarkable decades ever as far as fashion was concerned.

Eighties fashion involved not only clothing, but also accessories, hair and makeup. For women, the hair was as important as the outfit.

One of the hairstyles that women coveted in the 80’s was called “big hair” or “skyhigh hair.”

This involved teasing your entire head of hair so that it became about three times its actual size, but the biggest part of your hair was definitely the bangs.

You were to curl them, tease them, and then cover them with enough hairspray that when flattened, they would spring back to attention immediately.

Some would say that the Aqua net used to hold this hair in place is a big reason our ozone layer is in trouble.

Another eighties fashion look for hair was the side ponytail.

Mallrats and celebrities made this hairstyle popular and what made it even better was not only if you had your hair in the side ponytail, but if you added extra fun to it by crimping it (making it look wavy) or by adding the huge bangs along with the side ponytail.

Pop icons like Debbie Gibson and Tiffany wore their hair this way which made it popular among all women in the 80’s.

When it comes to clothing, some of the 80’s fashion included colors with the main colors being anything neon. The brighter, the better was a theme because along with neon, primary colors were very popular.

A look that was a craze for a few years was finding two very bright colors and then mixing and matching them throughout your outfit.

For instance, you could pair orange and turquoise and then you’d wear two shirts, one of each color, but roll up the sleeves so that the outside of the sleeve was a different color than the shirt you were wearing on top.

Then you’d wear socks of both colors and scrunch them down so that on one side, you’d have turquoise on top of orange and on the other side, orange on top of turquoise. That was high 1980’s fashion.

Another big 80’s fashion must have was accessories. Jelly bracelets, slap bracelets, swatch watches, and lacy gloves were all very popular thanks to icons like Madonna.

Also, for your hair, banana clips, big bows, and scrunchies were all popular. The basic idea for 80s fashion was the louder your fashion is, the better.

Fashion in the 1980’s – “The Time that Fashion forgot”.
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