While baby-boomers may wish 80s fashion was still dormant, it seems it’s making a comeback in a big way!

From cartoon t-shirts to leggings, it seems even the most fashion forward dressers are choosing to revert back in style to the spunky 80s.

Some of the most popular choices in today’s 80s fashion includes leggings. Women in the 80s wore them with long t-shirts or sweaters.

Today girls are pairing them under jean skirts and dresses. They are often worn with flip flops or flats, making them a comfortable choice.

With 80s being the era of “hair bands” it isn’t a shock guys and gals today are still sporting their vintage band tees.

these Teens Have 80s Style

These Teens Have 80s Style!

T-shirts for Motley Crue, Bon Jovi and Guns n Roses are still being made and worn endlessly.

In addition, bands like New Kids on the Block are making their comeback and the 80s clothes featuring them are more popular than ever before.

Cartoon t-shirts are a fashion trend still hanging on for the long haul. The signature 80s cartoon t-shirts include shirts boasting characters from Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears.

Entire stores are being set up, devoted to t-shirts of the 80s.

Teens and those in their 20s are still buying these items, hot off the shelves!

Fashion experts predict 80s fashion will hang around for years to come, moving in and out of the trend areas.

Much like the 70s, the fashion is well grounded in memories for much of Generation X.

Madonna's Got the Look

Madonna's Got the Look!