Are you going to a costume party? If so, why not rock a fun 80s costume?

The trick to having a blast at a costume party is to choose a great costume that is not only entertaining, but also comfortable.

With a 80s costume, comfort is included! The 80s were a time of laid-back fashion and you can incorporate that aspect into your costume-wear.

For those who loved the punk-rocker portion of the 80s era, a 80s punk rock costume is perfect! Women can grab a pair of fishnet stockings, a jean skirt, and a tank or tee for an easy costume.

Paired with bright blue eye shadow, hot pink blush, matching bright lipstick and nail polish, your outfit will scream 80s.80s costumes

Tease your hair with a comb, throw it into a very high ponytail and lather it with hairspray and you’ll be a hit!

Men can rock a 80s costume in the same manner with a pair of ripped jeans, a hair band t-shirt and “bed” hair.

For more fun, men can think about throwing on a pair of the notoriously bad “hammer pants”. Lots of big gold jewelry will set the outfit on fire!

When dressing in a 80s costume, think big everything. Big hair, bright colors and big jewelry are token costume accessories for your costume.

Whether you’re going to a Halloween costume party or you just want to throw a 80s theme party, these unique 80s outfits will be fun and comfortable to wear for fun.

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