When ripped jeans made the trend market a few years ago, those who lived through the 80s were ecstatic.

While some haven’t realized it, 80s clothing is back!

Today’s teens find the clothing unfamiliar and stylish, while their parents find a familiarity in what their children are wearing.

Today’s 80s clothes are fashion-forward and modified to meet the demands and styles of today.

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What could be more comfortable than lounging around in leggings? Not much! Today’s women and teens can revert back to 80’s fashion, with leggings and tights.

Women are pairing interesting patterned tights under jean skirts and dresses. Leggings are also being worn under skirts, dresses and as pants paired with long shirts. They are fashionable, inexpensive and comfortable!


While jeans have been a trendy item to own for years, they’ve changed with the times. Bell-bottom jeans were quite popular in the 60s and 70s. For 80s clothing styles however, jeans got tighter and more tapered. The legs were all drawn in to taper at the ankle.

Today, these jeans are being labeled as “skinny jeans” and are selling like hotcakes! These slim jeans are very familiar to the hot styles of 80s clothes, but with a new name.


Shoe stores all over the country are selling knockoffs of the very familiar 80’s fashion, Jellies. These shoes made from plastic were hotter than flip flops in the 80s and are making a comeback today.

Today’s styles are a bit frugal in design, as they aren’t as constricting to the feet. More comfortable and in a wide range of colors, they’re a hot trend for today’s teens.