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An Overview of Colorful 80s Fashion Trends

The 80s fashions are fondly remembered for the bigger than life clothing styles. The current 80s fashion trend involves taking aspects of 80’s clothing styles and integrating it into a more modern style. The style of clothes women wore in the 80s depended largely on the type of music they listened to, whether it was […]

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Costume Ideas for 80’s Theme Parties

When you look back at the last four to five decades the 80’s seem to stand out. Throwing a 80’s party is one of the best ways to relive the 80’s. The time period provides to some of the best 80’s costume ideas. The 80’s were when times were simple, and big hair was in. […]

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80’s Fashion Looks for Women – Hair, Clothing and Accessories

The 1980’s was one of the most remarkable decades ever as far as fashion was concerned. Eighties fashion involved not only clothing, but also accessories, hair and makeup. For women, the hair was as important as the outfit. One of the hairstyles that women coveted in the 80’s was called “big hair” or “skyhigh hair.” […]

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Mr. T on 80s Fashion

This video personifies the 80’s. A look at 80s fashion and style narrated by eighties icon Mr. T. “I pity the fool!” Look at the hair, listen to the music, and behold all that is the ultimate 80’s nightmare. I have no idea what it means to “table” the label, but make sure … Mr […]

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Flashdance Shows Off 80s Dance and Style

While a typical 80s movie, Flashdance stands out for it’s total 80s vibe. The year was 1983 and MTV and the movies were breaking new style boundaries. There is a scene in among all the dancing and drama, in which Jennifer’s character and her best friend are dancing their way through the city life after […]

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What People Wore in the 80s

80s clothes and accessories are very unique and identifiable as 80s.  I wore the Springsteen cut-off denim jacket, for one. I also had a Member’s Only Jacket back then. What 80s clothes did you wear back then?

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80s Clothes and Fashion Accessories

The 80s clothes were about feeling great and having good time. Tight jeans are back, off-shoulder sleeves are visible in most teen fashions, mixed up colors are back, dark color big bangles are back as well, don’t forget the flat pumps that young girls wear today, all from the 80s. Back in the 1980s, music […]

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Shoes, Earrings and Stuff

In today’s eclectic fashion world, there are many elements that first came to light in the eighties. Ballet shoes are all the rage again now with the kids. In the 80s they were slightly different, more like a real ballet shoe. Now they are ballet inspired flatties. However, I have seen some shoes that could […]

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