Check out the First Tow Seasons of Benson circa 1980-1981. Early 80s fashion and style everywhere, and undiscovered stars.

Lieutenant Governor Benson DuBois has a lot on his plate! Besides keeping the bumbling Governor Gatling out of trouble, he must also contend with pompous aide Clayton and acerbic maid Krause!

Power Play 1980


When a character calling himself El Gato leaves a pile of dead fish and a truckload of sludge in protest against a power project, the Governor reconsiders the matter.

Cast –
Rene Auberjonois, Billie Bird, Didi Conn, Missy Gold, Robert Guillaume, Donna LaBrie, Caroline McWilliams, James Noble, Ethan Phillips, Jerry Seinfeld (that’s right, Jerry Seinfeld!)