Big hair and bright clothes were all topped off with blue mascara and blue eyeliner, the darker the better.

Popular colors were neon green and hot pink as well as the brighter varieties of orange and yellow.

Another ’80s fad was jackets and trousers, made of rayon and velvet and satin, in shades of hot pink, neon blue and candy-apple red.

The 80’s, was the time fashion was really integrated into the music scene. It was a time when it wasn’t just about the music, but about setting trends.

The clothes were Hollywood vintage store cool, but nobody really wore all that stuff together.

80s clothes that are vintage or vintage inspired keep coming back into fashion.

Sweaters were big, baggy and bat-winged. Some of the Yuppy fashion trends included the sweater over the shoulders, Izod shirts, and polo shirts.

Some other 80s clothes that were big were the Members only jacket which was a must have.

From Dynasty, Alexis’s hats and Krystle’s shoulder pads started a trend of their own. There were many scenes in bed and the special attention was given to what ladies slept in.Both women were so incredibly

skinny that she made everyone else look fat, causing the entire Western world to immediately go on a diet?

80s Vintage StyleDepending on what you buy, you can modernize them with accessories or other articles of clothing to make them look even more like popular Japanese fashion, which is a trend influenced by 80s fashion.

The biggest problem with the clothes is that a statement isn’t made by one accessory and one main article of clothing, but with the hair, nails, jewelry, shoes, blouse, skirt, belt, etc. The entire ensemble.

Choose some ‘goth’ style accessories, which double for the 80s punk style decorations. Pinning on a bunch of safety pins, and my favorite 80s band buttons, the outfit started coming together.

There are tons of possibilities for 80s fashion costumes and accessories.

80s clothing from the 80s or retro 80s can often be a good bargain. For a classy 80s outfit, pay particularly close attention to the shoes. They pull it all together.

So bust out the Aqua Net, give yourself an awesome 80s hair style ,and you’re all set! Whether you go for the trampy look made popular by Madonna or the overstated elegance of women from Dynasty, you’ll have plenty of 80s clothes options to choose from.