U2 ImageOn Wednesday March 4th U2, as part of U2 Week, presented the Top Ten List – The Top Ten Things U2 Has Learned Over The Years

With a new album and a long career, the band remains one of the biggest selling acts from the 1980s.

U2 has always been outspoken, but has remained forever true to their 80s roots.

For sure, the tour to promote the new album will again break records. Unfortunately, one of those records will likely be the price of a ticket to the show.

Through a combination of zealous righteousness and post-punk experimentalism, U2 became one of the most popular rock & roll bands of the ’80s.

the band has not only stayed together for more than 30 years with the original lineup, released best-selling albums consistently during that time, but manages to still be one of the biggest selling and best live acts you can see today.

Anyway, enjoy this clip of U2’s special Top Ten List. You’ll also find several clips at CBS.Com of live performances of songs from their latest album.

Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry present a special Top Ten List. Letterman – Top Ten Things U2 Has Learned Over The Years

Video Courtesy of CBS.Com, where you can also watch full episodes of 80s classic TV shows like Family Ties and The Love Boat.

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