She’s the pop singer seen jogging in Central Park. Madonna captured the style and fashion sense of generation.

Especially teenage girls in the 1980s. Madonna is among the most influential people of the 1980s.

Madonna has always had a special relationship with the media. While many stars try desperately to avoid the paparazzi, Madonna has the power to manipulate the media to her advantage.

In 1985 Madonna ruled the airwaves and MTV too. Madonna at her peak was making music, videos and even movies at a fevered pace. Madonna had the media all sewn up by the mid 1980s.

Madonna never had too much trouble from the paparazzi. She, in fact, seemed to embrace the photographers throughout her early career.

From her wildly teased and colored hair to the return of lace and fishnet stockings, her accessories were outrageous, and girls around the world wanted to be like Madonna even going so far as to add her trademark mole to their cheeks.

And her impact on fashion makes her a fashion icon of the 80s. “I’ve made no secret of my love for fashion and trends,” Madonna said.

Madonna Fashion Album cover

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